Keeping Time

A big thanks to khmer for putting together the piano arrangement in today’s comic.

Thanks also to the readers who tried playing it. I hope you didn’t realize what it was until too late.

133 thoughts on “Keeping Time

  1. Well, at least you now know to be afraid of that chord sequence:

    Gb, Ab, Fm , Bbm, Gb, Ab, Fm, Bbm

  2. Didn’t play it, looked at the notes, since they looked familiar(actually learned it on the piano a few years back, we needed to perform any song in music class. Friend was on drums, other one on violin, me on piano and a couple singers. T’was quite spectacular indeed.), made a guess, and a quick google search led me hear and confirmed my guess.

  3. I saw this comic today (working my way backwards) and put the notes into TuxGuitar. All I’m thinking is “OH MY GOD WHAT IS IT I KNOW I’VE HEARD IT I WILL NEVER KNOW”

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