Geohashing Followup + change to algorithm for Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia

Geohashing has been great fun so far. There are hundreds of users on the wiki, and I’ve gotten to wander places like this:

There’s been a small change to the algorithm to deal with time zones. This change does not affect anyone in North/South America (excluding Greenland), does not affect Saturday meetup times anywhere, and does not change any currently known upcoming meeting times. The change:

For every location east of Longitude -30 (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia), use the Dow opening from the previous day — even if a new one becomes available partway through the day.

Put differently (the same functionally for everywhere except islands in the mid-Atlantic):

Consider any Dow openings published after noon local time to have occurred on the next day.

This is necessary to deal with time zone problems. For a lot of Europe, the Wednesday Dow opening was learned near sundown Wednesday, which meant they couldn’t use it to get to daytime meetups. For east Asia, they had to visit weekday locations the next day. A bunch of solutions were discussed, and I decided this was the cleanest.

The official map tool is being updated with the new behavior concurrently with this blog entry. The first coordinates that will be affected by it are Tuesday’s. Again, this does not affect anyone in the Americas.

Moving on — Saturday’s meetups are looking good! Today’s location in Boston was fantastic. I wasn’t planning to go, but it looked so interesting on Google Maps that we couldn’t resist checking it out. The picture above is one of several. Saturday’s meetup is in a less picturesque place than Friday or Sunday — suburban Hopewell. We’ll probably gather only briefly at the actual point, then head to the nearby state forest for walking or town center for food and such.

Also, good luck to phire, who was last seen on IRC an hour ago, leaving to mountain-climb to today’s coordinates in Christchurch, New Zealand. Congrats to the Denver graticules for getting organized so fast (and in a split city, at that!). And thanks to everyone for going along with this idea! The weekday trips have been great fun so far, and I look forward to getting the meetups going over the next few weekends!

150 thoughts on “Geohashing Followup + change to algorithm for Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia

  1. if you’re wondering about the binary string in friday’s comic, it is ‘base 2′.


  2. You know, I just realized something. If I ever need a random place to bury treasure, I could totally use the map lookup to find a place.

    …Of course, I also just realized that the same process could apply to anything needing burying, like, I don’t know, a body maybe?

    I’m getting this creepy vibe now….

    Oh yeah, and geohashing is probably one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen. I’ve got to try going to some sometime, besides the Saturday meetings.

  3. Waaah… The geohashing I just did now for my location (Melbourne, Australia) is leading me into a national park with a bushfire raging in it!

    I guess this is what GLaDOS has been up to… I wonder if it will still tempt us with cake?

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  5. This is an absolutely inspired piece of work. My only issue is that I live in Wellington, New Zealand (the capital).

    Wellington has the peculiarity of being almost entirely surrounded by water. It turns out our graticule is also mostly comprised of Cook Strait. Though there have been some tantilising locations in the Marlborough Sounds proposed… unfortunately they’re mostly totally inaccessible except by private boat and in some cases helicopter.
    1. Fascinating example of just how close our little town is to the most gloriously remote and beautiful locations.
    2. Is there a way of designing a map tool that adapts the algorithm to select locations that are either on land or within safe distance of the coast for smaller watercraft (42d South can be a little rough :)?

  6. Muy buena labor, y es que los ninos de ahora son muy creativos y si les ofrecemos herramientas de facil uso como elaborar su pagina web, mas aportamos a su ensenanaza. Bravo!

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